In the world of academia, philologists and belletrists are often stereotypically represented as disconnected with reality, impractical, too imaginative and idealistic...You will hardly find anybody corresponding to this description among us. 
For decades, our department staff have adjusted to social changes, ventured in new scholarly fields and managed to maintain high standards in both teaching and research. During the harsh winters of educational transitions and reforms, we had the maturity to finally agree even when feeling inclined to disagree. 
Our strength does not lie in numbers, but in the people mastering the letters. Our mission is to guide our students to choose proper letters for themselves and to discover the person behind each academic persona. 

DEDICATED - passionate about our work and committed to our students
FORMATIVE - capable of forming opinions, shaping characters
LETTERED - having extensive knowledge and information 
LANGUAGE/LITERATURE-LOVING - enthusiastic about language/ literature study and teaching